Welcome to the Tea Leaf Trust!

    Love tea? Well, did you know that many of the tea pickers and their families live in poverty and squalor because of your cuppa? Go on, help them out by supporting our education projects!

    • For anyone with an interest in young people and international development, I cannot recommend the organisation enough.

      Dilanie |
    • There are so many beautiful parts of the country to explore, and if you do find yourself volunteering, you must go see it all. But I assure you, if you ever leave, even for a day, you will be thrilled to return back home to Tea Leaf Vision.

      Stephanie |
    • All in all, I live in a beautiful country, I have met brilliant and inspiring people, I have laughed a lot, had fun, been challenged from both a personal and professional perspective, and I have learned something new almost everyday. Recommended.

      Caoimhe |

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